Person changed from photo to sketch art Person inserted into photo Phil Reel Design provides services for businesses, families and individuals. We provide services that are personalized and creative.  Take a look at the photo fantasy and restoration services that we offer.  Tired of going to multiple companies to get the digital design services that you need?  Have all of your design needs fulfilled through Phil Reel Design.  They don't call us the connoisseur of digital design for nothing!!  Take a look our extensive portfolios, and judge for yourself. Once you see a service that you need, contact us for a consultation.  View our reasonable prices, and receive a free estimate today.
Black & White Photo Partially Colorized Missing Tooth Replaced
General Retouch / Enhancement Great picture, but it has minor flaw?
  • Remove facial shine
  • Remove red eye
  • Smooth skin
  • Reduce glare
  • Fix chipped or missing teeth
  • Prices starting at $10

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Detailed Retouching Want to look like a movie star or young again?
  • Correct aging issues, like crow's feet, and wrinkles
  • Major color correction
  • Remove facial lines / Perform digital facelift
  • Portrait retouching
  • Professional treatments for advertising
  • Prices starting at $30

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General Restoration The only picture of you as a baby damaged?
  • Corect minor facial characteristics missing
  • Repair heavy scratching, small areas of photo, significantly damaged or missing, paper wrinkling over detailed or facial areas
  • Prices starting at $30

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Simple Restoration Want to give your grandparents the perfect gift?
  • Correct faded photo
  • Correct yellowed photo
  • Restore photo with light mold damage,
  • Minor color correction, small areas of damage / color shifting
  • Prices starting at $30

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Detailed Restoration Surprise that special someone with a restored photo that was badly damaged!
  • Correct large areas of photo missing or significantly damaged
  • Insert missing faces; body parts
  • Fix non-inclusive tears, severe mold damage, severe scratching or large restoration
  • Prices starting at $40

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Special Services Who says that everthing is simply black and white?  Make it color!
  • Add color to a black and white photo,
  • Modify the lighting effects,
  • Modify color elements,
  • Change the facial make-up
  • Glamorize the photo
  • Prices starting at $35

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Alterations / Manipulations
Why cut your ex out of a great picture with you? Have him or her digitally removed?
  • Change background
  • Composite a person or object into a photo
  • Removing a person or object from a photo
  • Create a facial or body morph
  • Prices starting at $35

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Special Effects Wonder what you would look like as a cartoon?
  • Create vignettes
  • Create montage/collage
  • Insert text effects
  • Artwork enhancement
  • Art photos (special effects)
  • Portrait effect
  • Prices starting at $35

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